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  • Impact of Technology on the Academic Performance of

    Impact Of Technology On The Academic Performance Of

    Impact of Technology on the Academic Performance of Students and Teaching Effectiveness CHUCHAN A. MONSERATE, PhD Principal 11, Nabulao National High School Brgy. Nabulao Sipalay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines Abstract This descriptive study determined the use of computers of teachers and students and its effect to students

  • Students online learning challenges during the pandemic

    Students Online Learning Challenges During The Pandemic

    Jan 22, 2021 The students have been engaged in online learning for at least two terms in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. The students belonged to low- and middle-income groups but were equipped with the basic online learning equipment (e.g., computer, headset, speakers) and computer skills necessary for their participation in online classes.

  • PDF Effects of Computer Gaming on High School Students

    Pdf Effects Of Computer Gaming On High School Students

    Effects of Computer Gaming on High School Students Performance in Los Baos, Laguna, Philippines. This study examined the effects of computer games on school performance of high school students in Los Baos, Laguna, Philippines. Allowance, gender, peer group and year level positively affect students decision to play while time spent on studying, year level,

  • In the Philippines students suffer as Covid19 school

    In The Philippines Students Suffer As Covid19 School

    Mar 15, 2021 In the Philippines, students suffer as Covid-19 school shutdowns drag on Most students do no have a computer or internet at home, leaving them unable to access online classes and lessons broadcast...

  • DOC Effects of Technology in the Level of Performance of

    Doc Effects Of Technology In The Level Of Performance Of

    Remember me on this computer. or reset password. ... Effects of Technology in the Level of Performance of Senior High School Students in STI College Meycauayan Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND. Download. Related Papers. ... THE IMPACT OF GADGETS IN LEARNING AMONG GRADE 11 STUDENTS.

  • PDF Impact of Computer Games on Students GPA

    Pdf Impact Of Computer Games On Students Gpa

    Performance in Los Baos, Laguna, Philippines, 2012. 2 F. F. MEHRABI, et al., Reviewing The Types Of Computer Games And The Time . ... IMPACT OF COMPUTER GAMES ON STUDENTS GPA.

  • The Impact of ComputerAided Instruction on Student

    The Impact Of Computeraided Instruction On Student

    The use of computer technology to supplement traditional instruction is not a recent development. Computer-based teaching and learning produced positive effects in the classroom. Students seemed to be motivated by learning through this medium (Forcier, 1999). Educational technology had a large impact on student achievement

  • 11 Technology and its Effect on Student Academic

    11 Technology And Its Effect On Student Academic

    students. 11 Technology can also motivate students and allow them to be engaged on a completely different level than they have ever before. This study examined whether 11 Technology does in fact increase student academic achievement and increase motivation in students to learn.

  • The Impact of Computer Literacy on Students

    The Impact Of Computer Literacy On Students

    Table 2 Mean Difference Responses on the Impact of Computer Literacy On Students Academic Performance Variables Responses Total Score Mean X Mean Difference Computer literate 81 1,8494 228.3 Non-computer literate 39 8,616 220.9 7.4 Total 120 27,110 449.2 Table 2 shows that 81 students of SS III who scored 18,494 with a mean of 228.3 in ...

  • The impact of modern technology on the educational

    The Impact Of Modern Technology On The Educational

    23% of the teens have a tablet computer, a level comparable to a general adult population 95% of teens use the internet, and 93% of teens have a computer or have access to one at home. Methodology The study was undertaken to present a deep understanding of the impact of modern technology on academic performance of adolescents.

  • The Impact of Technology on Student Achievement

    The Impact Of Technology On Student Achievement

    The Impact of Technology on Student Achievement A Summary of Research Findings on Technologys Impact in the Classroom. How Technology Impacts and Improves Student Achievement For more than 25 years, Apple has been the leader in bringing innovative technology to schools.

  • The Impact of Computer Use on Literacy in Reading

    The Impact Of Computer Use On Literacy In Reading

    The influence and impact of computers on children, according to Chandler (1985), is based on the regular availability of computers in domestic environments. Undoubtedly, when computers become more affordable, more children will begin their schooling already able to use a keyboard and a mouse but unable to write with a pen.


    The Impact Of Gadgets In Learning Among Grade 11 Students

    Cellphones were always used by the students, computers were sometimes used by the students and tablets were seldom used by the students in learning. 2. The use of gadgets has a moderately positive impact in learning because of its features that extend the ability of the students to do more things but it also has a slightly negative impact ...

  • The impact of computer usage on academic performance

    The Impact Of Computer Usage On Academic Performance

    Feb 01, 2017 1. Introduction. Internet-enabled classroom technology is nearly universal at all levels of education in the United States. Between 19942005, the percentage of U.S. public school classrooms with Internet access increased from 3 to 94%, while the ratio of students to computers with Internet access in these classrooms decreased from 12.1 to 3.8 (Wells

  • PDF Impact of modern technology in education

    Pdf Impact Of Modern Technology In Education

    In fact, with the onset of computers in education, it has become easier for teachers to impart knowledge and for students to acquire it. ... The usage

  • How computers affect student performance the good and

    How Computers Affect Student Performance The Good And

    Regular use of computers can have an effect on student performance on standardized tests, according to a new study by researchers at Boston College


    Impact Of Computer Games On Students Gpa Wakil

    M. D. S. Cortes, et al., Effects of Computer Gaming on High School Students Performance in Los Baos, Laguna, Philippines, 2012. F. F. MEHRABI, et al., Reviewing The Types Of Computer Games And The Time Spent On Them And Their Relationship With The Studentseducational Achievement In Kermans High Schools (2009-2010), 2012.

  • Experiences perceptions and attitudes on ICT integration

    Experiences Perceptions And Attitudes On Ict Integration

    Dapdap High School and Philippine Normal University, the Philippines ... Both teachers also have positive views on the impact of ICT on students overall learning and achievement. Moreover, the novice teacher views ICT use as ... computers and Internet technologies, more people can now have access to available information

  • Impact of digital surge during Covid19 pandemic A

    Impact Of Digital Surge During Covid19 Pandemic A

    Jun 09, 2020 The impacts resulting from a climate of uncertainty can potentially discourage foreign investors and spill over to a wide range of sectors, including education, healthcare, press and news media, and e-commerce (Kathuria, Kedia, Verma, Bagchi, Sekhani, 2018). It is important to understand the far-reaching human rights impact of internet ...


    The Impact Of Covid19 On Education Oecd

    students and schools Funds for safety and cleaning equipment Economic pressures Global economic activity is expected to fall by at least 6% in 2020 While the long-term impact of the crisis is uncertain, the pandemic may affect public spending on education as funds are diverted into the health sector and the economy The impact of the crisis on ...

  • Impact of modern technology in education

    Impact Of Modern Technology In Education

    Impact of modern technology in education. integrate technology into their lessons. It will also prepare them to teach all the. different grade levels. The courses main focus is on the utilization of information and. communication technology in

  • PDF ELearning Technology Adoption in the Philippines

    Pdf Elearning Technology Adoption In The Philippines

    Finally, a path model was created to examine the relationships between the factors to explain students adoption of e-learning technology from the information systems acceptance point of

  • Learning with the help of technology The Manila Times

    Learning With The Help Of Technology The Manila Times

    Sep 17, 2016 The Philippines should not be left behind when it comes to applying education technology. The ethical and responsible use of computers, tablets, cellphones and other devices can greatly enhance the learning capability of students, for it has been shown through studies that children (and adults for that matter) can better grasp and understand their lessons in a

  • Role of Computer and Information Technology in

    Role Of Computer And Information Technology In

    But, it impacts significantly in the field of education to make the learning process interesting as well as successfully 1.According to J. T. Fouts2, the first use of the computer in 1970 into the education field. But, now computer and its technology almost use in every educational institution across the world.

  • ERIC EJ465653 The Impact of Computers on Students

    Eric Ej465653 The Impact Of Computers On Students

    An Australian study investigated differences in writing context, process, and product with 51 eighth-grade girls using word processing and pens. Findings indicated the computer classroom was more student centered, less teacher dominated, and more work focused and quality of writing was rated significantly higher. The importance of genre in composing behaviors was


    Effects Of Computer Assisted Instruction Cai

    computer assisted instruction, or cooperative computer assisted instruction. Research Questions 1. Will there be any difference in the performance of biology students exposed to individualized computer assisted instruction, cooperative computer assisted instruction, and those taught using conventional method? 2.


    The Impact Of Covid19 On Student Experiences

    with Honors students and males revising their preferences down by more than 2.5 times as much as their peers. However, despite appearing to be more disrupted by the switch to online learning, the impact of COVID-19 on Honors students academic outcomes is consistently smaller than the impact on non-Honors students.

  • Impact of computer technology on health Computer

    Impact Of Computer Technology On Health Computer

    Secretaries, and Students cannot work without the help of computer. Recent studies have shown that technology is associated with several health-related challenges. The ... This paper aims to provide a review of the impact of computer technology on health among computer users focusing on the computer vision syndrome (CVS). The purpose is to raise

  • University of Wollongong Research Online

    University Of Wollongong Research Online

    Philippines when the students are expected to do classwork and attend to their work in the college. These questions were studied using a survey method of research. The students sample consisted of 221 students from different state colleges and . universities in Caraga region of Philippines. Students perceptions on

  • Impact of Computer Literacy on Students Learning at

    Impact Of Computer Literacy On Students Learning At

    Impact of Computer Literacy on Students Learning at Secondary Level Ajaib Afridi* Naila Batool** Fatima Rauf*** Abstract Today is the period of advanced computer technology. Now, the computer has become a necessity for every educated family. There are many positive effects of the computer on the

  • Impact of tablet computers and eBooks on learning

    Impact Of Tablet Computers And Ebooks On Learning

    Impact of tablet computers and eBooks on learning practices of law students Marco Kalz, Marcus Specht Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies Open University of the Netherlands P.O. Box 2960, 6401 DL Heerlen, The Netherlands marco.kalz, Michiel van Oosterzee School of Law Open University of the Netherlands


    On The Spread Of Computer Literacy Among

    Philippines. Computer literacy on information communication technology is a ... not just in compliance with the new curriculum in the K-12 program but also in terms of its impact on society and economic development. The model described in this paper focuses on Netlogo as ... computer use, students computer ability and average test frequency.

  • A study of the impact of technology in early education

    A Study Of The Impact Of Technology In Early Education

    society. Teachers should create an environment for students to acquire the ability to search, organize and use information from various sources and learn how to use informa-tion technology (IT) in a creative and productive way. This can be achieved by preparing students to use computers and IT as well as by using technology in the classroom with

  • The Impact of ComputerBased Feedback on Students

    The Impact Of Computerbased Feedback On Students

    InWhile research in second language writing suggests that instructor feedback can have a positive influence on students written work, the provision of such feedback on a regular basis can be problematic, especially with larger student numbers. A number of computer programs that claim to provide both automatic computer-based holistic scores and computer-based feedback

  • Online learning and the effects on functional health a

    Online Learning And The Effects On Functional Health A

    Technology impacts college students in their day to day life. In fact, technology not only impacts academics but also their health (University of Minnesota, 2007). Good health is one of the strongest influences on completion of a degree. College students face multiple risks to their health, including the use of computers and internet,